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Coach Mark

Active Cheshire hopes to develop Coaching CW into a 'one stop shop' tool for coaches and employers of coaches in Cheshire & Warrington. As a result, the Coach Mark scheme has been designed to facilitate high quality delivery of sport across Cheshire & Warrington, it will complement the coaching structure within National Governing Bodies of Sport and offers one easily recognisable standard to organisations and provides looking to deploy coaches.

Coach Mark is the new standard for coaches delivering in Cheshire and Warrington and is aimed at indivdual coaches, coaching providers, clubs and schools within Cheshire & Warrington

In addition, this information and management tool will help us build a picture of coaching and your existing and future needs, so that we can tailor our service to provide you with the right support. Just click on the appropriate button above to begin the process.

Who should register on this site?

  • A coach looking for qualifications, training opportunities or employment
  • A coach who wants to be kept informed of local events and developments in coaching
  • A coach who delivers/looks to deliver in schools

What are the benefits of registering?

  • Develop your coaching CV, where you can log coaching hours, placements and qualifications
  • Get instant access to information on a range of topics
  • Find out about any coach education and development opportunities running in your local area
  • Get information on job opportunities in Cheshire & Warrington and the NW
  • Opportunities to deliver in schools
  • You get to tell us what you want from your support service
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Does your organisation deliver physical education and sport in schools?

There are a range of organisations and individuals delivering sport and physical education within schools. In partnership with the sector as a whole, Coach Mark has been developed and is the new standard for excellence that schools will look for in their deliverers.

What does Coach Mark offer to your organisation?

  • Demonstrate that your organisation is committed to high quality delivery of physical education and sport
  • Advertise your services to a range of organisations and schools
  • Ensure your coaches are fully equipped to deliver high quality physical education and sport with schools
  • Create networking opportunites to engage with local providers and coaches

From September 2013, schools will look for Coach Marked coaches and deliverers

How can Coach Mark benefit your schools?

Coach Mark aims to support schools' investment in physical education and school sport.

Coach Mark will allow schools to easily identify and deploy appropriately qualified and experienced deliverers through our easy to use search tool. To ensure the quality of deliverers, Coach Mark offers 'Coaching in a School Environment' workshops to ensure all delivers achieve 'School Coach Mark' standard.

The workshops are designed to ensure that all deliverers:

  • have an understanding of National Curriculum requirements
  • are aware of how to develop quality learning outcomes for young people
  • are aware of the Ofstead framework and how to achieve outstanding practice
  • understand the expectations of schools for delivers

Workshops dates are now available and are currently FREE OF CHARGE!

Click here for a full list of dates and to book onto the workshops

Alongside that we can provide help, advice and information on all current coaching and sports development issues.

Please also feel free to roam the rest of the site to find out more about Coaching CW and our vision for a more professional coaching system accross the county.

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